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The Smarties brand is a world-famous brand with colours consisting of Red, yellow, orange, green, purple, pink, brown and blue!
SMARTIES have been reformulated to remove artificial colours, making sure children can now safely enjoy the fun of colours
Smarties allows for hours of inspiring creative imagination.

Nestlé TEX BAR

Enjoy the big taste: a balance of crispy delicious wafer covered in creamy Nestlé chocolate with our irresistible Tex.
The right amount of rough. It’s the unique combination of wafer and aerated chocolate…
The aerated center makes it light and crispy.

Nestlé BAR ONE

For a 25-hour day.
Launched in the 1965 and still one of South Africa’s favourite snacks for the fully active individual with a demanding schedule.
BAR.ONE is made with the goodness of smooth caramel, malt-infused nougat and real, thick milk chocolate.
BAR.ONE is well associated with providing consumers Energy for their 25 Hour day.
BAR.ONE is a great partner for active people, to support their higher energy needs.
This local brand is well known and loved by consumers.

Nestlé KIT KAT

View the KITKAT range made with the perfect combination of delicious crispy wafer and chocolate.
Have a break – have a Kit Kat

Nestlé AERO

Feel the bubbles melt…
Finding it hard to choose between the two most smoothest, softest, bubbliest and lightest chocolate sensations?
Whichever one you choose to put in your mouth, sit back and spoil yourself with pure chocolate indulgence and let the bubbles melt away…


Peppermint CRISP, peppermint cool.
The cool, fresh minty taste of Peppermint CRISP literally takes your breath away. Creamy Nestlé milk chocolate wrapped around a crunchy peppermint filling.
It’s peppermint. It’s cool.

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Peppermint Crisp 49g, Smarties 40g, Aero 40g, Aero 40g Peppermint, Kit Kat 4 finger 41.5g, Bar One 52g, Tex Bar 40g, Kit Kat 2 finger, Bar One Mini 21g, Smarties 17g, Tex Bar18g