Appletiser & Grapetiser

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Product of The Coca-Cola Company

Appletiser, crowning every moment since 1966

Indulge in 100% sparkling Appletiser. An expertly blended and luxurious apple juice with a delicate effervescence & seductive palate. Savour the rich flavour of Appletiser for those moments when you deserve more indulgence. So, no matter where you Crown Every Moment, we’re the premium drink that’ll be right there by your side.


Edmond Lombardi arrived on South African shores in the 1930s and settled in the lush and tranquil region of Elgin Valley, Western Cape. It was there that he cast his eyes over the lowland and came to realise that Elgin Valley was unique and distinct, as would his soon-to-be world-class fruit juice that we know today as Appletiser.

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Appletiser, Grapetiser