Fresh Rand Dairy Milk

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Rand Dairy Milk freshly bottled, a brand that is based in the East Rand and surrounding areas, since 1987.

With Rand Dairy, you will be satisfied with the price and delivery always.

  •  Milk is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium.
  •  Calcium: A mighty mineral that builds strong bones and teeth
  •  Vitamin D: An important bone builder that enhances calcium absorption.
  •  Vitamin A: Keeps your skin healthy, regulates immune system and helps your eyes see normally in the dark.
  •  Protein: Vital for building and maintaining muscle.
  •  Potassium: Maintains your blood pressure, regulates fluid balance and helps your muscles contract.
  •  Riboflavin: Helps produce energy in all cells of your body.
  •  Niacin: Helps enzymes function normally in your body.
  •  Vitamin B 12: Works closely with folate to make red blood cells and plays a key role in cell growth and division.

All this in one glass of milk..WOW
Milk products also contain high quality proteins that are well suited for human needs. Milk proteins increase the value of pooper quality cereal and vegetable proteins.

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Milk Variants

1L Full Cream Jug, 1L Full Cream Sachets, 1L Low Fat Sachet, 2L Full Cream, 2L Low Fat, 500ml Fresh Milk